Some things that car dealers don’t tell us?

Buying a car has always been a serious step, and since cars usually cost several thousand euros for used cars and even tens of thousands for new cars, it is definitely necessary to find out what to look for before making this purchase. Here are some tips you might need the next time you go to a car dealer or a car dealer to watch and buy your next vehicle.

The phone is your strongest weapon – Nowadays, most people have smartphones, and through these devices you can view Internet ads and other addresses where you can usually find both the average car price and a quick look at what the brand you watch and its total value online and the niches of this machine. If you have a cable or Bluetooth adapter at your fingertips to connect to the car computer, you can curse applications in your phone that instantly look at your computer for any errors and the overall condition of the car electronics. And if you choose paid programs you can even find the true mileage and things that have been changed for this car.

Prepare Pricing

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Before you go to your car dealer, you should check the dealerships in your area and find out the prices of other similar cars and then show them to your car dealer for a quote. Of course, the price will not be reduced by a large amount, but a few hundred can be saved in this way.

Selling Your Old Car Better By Yourself – Programs where you can sell your old car as a down payment are usually very disadvantageous, and either selling your old car straight or putting it on a platter will get you a lot more money. Basically, these programs are designed to allow car dealers to earn extra after selling these used cars.

You control everything – Most people think they have no control and these car dealers can smear any kind of car on them, but you have to remember that without you this dealer has nothing. This means that you can leave this dealer at any time and most likely you will be offered an even better price as dealers are usually paid for how many cars they sell.

Don’t get caught up in long warranties – Car dealers often make money not only from selling these cars, but also from the insurance, warranty and other offers you get. It is better to drop all offers here and then find better and more profitable service providers or even look for other service providers on the smartphone and list their prices, asking you to reduce your dealer profit.

Down payment – Most new cars are bought on credit anyway, which usually means agreeing on the down payment and the monthly payments. The higher the down payment, the more profitable the dealer will be because the less money he will have to finance. This means that you can try to bargain the total car price if your down payment is more than the standard 20-30% of the car value.

Additions – Often car dealerships want to sell their customers various extras ranging from window tinting, footrests, steering wheel pads, spoilers, extra discs and the like, but you should definitely give it up. After buying a car you will be able to find it all and buy it yourself or have a mechanic consult it, and it will certainly be much cheaper than at a car dealer.


money cash

and the last point is that it is better to choose a car loan from a bank or from a lender you already know and where you will get a much lower interest rate. Car dealers usually earn a commission on every loan applied for through them and therefore the total amount of credit will be much higher, so you should find the lowest interest lender before buying a car!

The main thing is to think all the time and not do spontaneous action just because the dealer said so, because these car dealers will do their best not to sell you these cars and remember that they get paid for it, so you can manage the whole conversation, for without your consent all their profit will be lost.

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