Interesting cash loan offers

Loan and Credit offers a cash loan as part of the Good Finance Bank offer. By borrowing PLN 10,000 for a loan period of 48 months, we will have to pay installments of PLN 259 every month. APRC for such a loan will be 11.91% per annum. This gives us a loan cost of PLN 2,478. The offer includes the maximum amount that the bank provides is PLN 200,000.

The undertaking may be spread over a maximum period of 120 months. In this case, from our maximum amount spread over the maximum number of months, we will repay installments of PLN 2,905.

The loan will generate a total cost of PLN 148,700


The annual Real Interest Rate in this case is 13.03% per annum. The offer has been prepared for new bank customers. To take a loan, you need documents such as: ID card, borrower’s bank account number to which the money will be sent, mobile phone number, income details of the applicant and his e-mail address. Money can reach the borrower’s account in one day. The preparation fee is charged once on the loan amount and the amount is set by the bank individually for a specific customer.

The big advantage of the offer is the possibility to pay the liability ahead of time without incurring any additional costs. The loan is directed to adult borrowers. Ultimately, the offer is for new bank customers, but the current ones can also take full advantage of it. A maximum loan term of up to ten years is available to customers who are Loan and Credit Banking Services customers.

A maximum liability of up to PLN 150,000 can be incurred here

The application can be submitted either online or at a bank branch. Cash loan insurance at Loan and Credit is not mandatory. A minimum amount of PLN 500 is required to run the loan. For some customers, the maximum loan amount will be higher and will increase to PLN 200,000, however if your needs are not so excessive then look at where you will find quick loans for small amounts.

E-Money Bank offers a cash loan in the form of an autumn loan. Including here a commitment of PLN 10,000 for four years, the APRC will be 12% per annum. Each of the 48 installments will be 260 PLN each. The loan will cost us a total of PLN 2,496. For the maximum parameters of the autumn loan, i.e. PLN 150,000 with a loan period of 120 months, installments will be PLN 1,955. The APRC will have a value of 10.11% per annum here. The loan will cost us a total of PLN 84,630.

The offer is directed to new clients who are over eighteen years old

The preparation commission for this cash loan is 6% of the loan amount granted. The loan repayment prolongation will cost us 2% of the amount we want to extend. If we want to increase the amount of the cash loan, we will have to pay 4% of the amount by which we want to increase the loan. This is an offer that can be used by persons over eighteen years of age. The autumn loan is available until the end of November 2017. We can apply for a cash loan at E-Money Bank by visiting the bank’s branch.

There is no need to buy credit insurance, which is very important because insurance always increases the total cost of the loan. The minimum loan amount is only PLN 1,000. The maximum loan amount is PLN 150,000. The amount range is very wide, which means that customers who need different loan amounts can take advantage of the offer.

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