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Car loan can be used not only to buy a car, we can also buy a caravan, motorbike, scooter or a boat. It is also not important where we buy the chosen means of transport, it can be a salon, a commission shop or a private person. Increasingly, banking institutions also grant loans for cars imported from abroad.

Re-registration or sale


Decisions to be notified to the bank relate mainly to thorough repairs, re-registration or sale. The loan is also secured by the assignment of AC insurance to the bank. The insurance paid in the event of damage to the car is taken over by the lender.

In certain cases, car loans may have slightly lower interest rates than regular consumer loans, which of course is a benefit for the customer. This is due to the collateral that the bank has in the form of a vehicle, the risk of credit granted is then smaller.

To take a car loan

To take a car loan

You must meet a number of conditions. Usually, the exact age of the car for which you can take a loan, loan duration and other conditions are specified: interest, amount of additional costs.

Banks carefully check the creditworthiness of a potential borrower, because loans for the purchase of a means of transport are usually granted for high amounts.

The borrower becomes the owner of the vehicle upon repayment of the last installment of the loan.

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